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Baytul-Hikmah Islamic School


BAHIS is an exceptional school, where we seamlessly blend the rich heritage of Islamic education, the boundless horizons of Western knowledge, memorisation of the holy quran, and the invaluable skills of vocational training, guiding our students towards unparalleled success in life. With the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, we cultivate bright minds, nurturing them to become enlightened individuals who are well-versed in Islamic principles, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of Western wisdom, and empowered with practical skills for real-world challenges. Step into our transformative realm, where our dedicated educators inspire, mentor, and ignite the flames of ambition, propelling our students towards excellence, making their dreams a tangible reality.

Arabic and Tahfiz Quran

Unlock the Beauty of Arabic and Hifz Quran: Our school boasts a top-in-class methodology that ignites a lifelong love for Arabic and quran memorisation equipping your child with exceptional language skills for cultural connection, global opportunities, and a bright future and

Western and Islamic Education

Unlocking Brilliance: Our school pioneers an exceptional blend of cutting-edge methodology, nurturing a love for learning, empowering young minds to excel and embrace their fullest potential in a supportive, top-in-class environment

IT and Vocational Training

Unlocking Potential, Unleashing Brilliance: Our Innovative School Offers a seamless blend of Comprehensive Information Technology & Vocational Training, Nurturing Your Child's Talents for Lifelong Success, All Under One Roof.

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